Central Vacuum System Installation, Repair, and Maintenance in Auckland

Whether you want to install a central vacuum system in your Auckland home, you have a system you want to upgrade, or you need repair work carried out, we can help at Aotearoa Property Group. Our team has experience working with all leading makes and model of central vacuum system, so will deliver the highest standards of workmanship at an affordable price.

Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems

If you don’t yet have a central vacuum system, installing one will be one of the best decisions you ever make in relation to looking after your home. In fact, you won’t believe you waited so long to get one as they make vacuuming and keeping your home clean much easier.

With a central vacuum system, you don’t have to lug a heavy and cumbersome vacuum cleaner around your house several times a week. Instead, you simply carry a hose that is about 9m long.

Around your house will be carefully placed sockets which you can plug the hose into. The motor driving the central vacuum system will be located in your laundry or basement, and will suck up the dirt on your floors, upholstery, drapes, and other surfaces.

The dirt then travels through the hidden piping system to the central unit.

Central Vacuum System Installations Auckland Wide

The easiest time to install a central vacuum system is when you are building a new home or are completing extensive renovations. This is because the pipes for the system can be installed in your walls, behind the plasterboard.

That said, we can install central vacuum systems in almost any home. We will run the pipes through walls where possible, using our plasters and painters to make the wall perfect again once the system is in place. We also use cupboards and other hidden areas to conceal the pipes as much as possible.

You should choose us as your central vacuum system installer for several reasons:

  • We’ll make sure the job is done right, so you are completely satisfied
  • The workmanship will be second to none, ensuring you don’t encounter problems in the future
  • We have extensive experience so understand the best layouts for sockets, whatever size of home you have
  • You’ll get excellent customer service from our professional team, as well as affordable prices

Get a quote for central vacuum system installation today by calling 027 4451631.

Central Vacuum System Repairs and Maintenance

We also offer repair and maintenance services for your existing central vacuum system. Contact us on 027 4451631 if you have a problem or if you want your unit serviced to ensure it runs to its maximum potential.

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